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Robert FabianI'm well into retirement and Ryerson's LIFE Institute is an attractive way to continue exploring new ideas. To that end I have presented a variety of courses at LIFE, and taken even more. This site is home for the reference material I used in the courses I have presented. It also contains information about courses I am planning to offer. The LIFE Institute knows about this site, but there is no official connection. (I present courses at LIFE as an unpaid volunteer and this site is a personal contribution.)

This is actually the second version of my course website. The initial version was subjected to a technological glitch, thanks to a sloppy upgrade (my fault). Rather than reproduce what was here before, I took advantage of this to rebuild the site using current technology and my current understanding of the role that this site should play. I now recognize that there is no one right approach to putting LIFE course materials on the web. This site is only about my courses. Other LIFE course leaders are encouraged to establish their own websites or just take advantage of file-sharing services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

The archives for the courses that I previously presented have been rebuilt. In the future, I plan to add such material as I feel is appropriate for this site (and for LIFE).

Planned course:

Fall 2019 (tentative): Mind, Brain, Self

"Tech for Seniors" (Spring 2019): Cybersecurity

Spring 2019: The Piano Concerto

Previous Courses:

2014 Winter - Our Search for Meaning
2014 Spring - High Tech Impact
2014 Fall - Bach and His Successors
2015 Winter - A Great Yonge Street
2015 Spring - Bach and His Contemporaries
2015 Fall - Shostakovich and Other Russians
2016 Winter - The String Quartet
2016 Fall - Exploring Beethoven
2017 Winter - The Imagination of Glenn Gould
2017 Fall - Sustaining the Social Fabric of Downtown Toronto
2018 Spring: Smartphone Basics
2018 Spring: Bach Again
2018 Walk: Imagined Inner Pedestrian Loop
2018 Fall: Musical Vienna in 1800


The course material posted on this site is available for public use, with attribution. Contact me if you have questions or comments.

Bob Fabian

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