This site has been established as the place where I will post material from my LIFE classes. All of these are offered through The LIFE Institute of Ryerson University, primarily in downtown Toronto. The LIFE Institute has some 2,500 3rd age members (all 55+). I started my working life as an academic, went on to a career mostly as a management and systems consultant. In retirement, my wife and I moved to downtown Toronto, just north of Ryerson University. It has been enjoyable and rewarding to offer courses through the institute. I am but one of a number of volunteer course leaders who offer courses throughout the academic year. No grades are awarded for LIFE courses, ... with the implication that they should be entertaining and engaging as well as educational. I have found most of the LIFE courses I have taken to be all three, and I try to make all the courses I offer address all three concerns.

This site is a personal undertaking. It's where I will share material I develop (or have developed) for the LIFE courses I offer. The LIFE Institute knows that this site exists, but there is no formal connection between this site and The LIFE Institute. Contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Bob Fabian