LIFE Institute Presentation Material

This website allows me to post material for my presentations at the LIFE Institute. It contains material for courses that I presented, occasional talks and Yonge Street walks. Registration is only required to post comments and is automatically provided for current course participants. [Feel free to use this material, with attribution, as you will.]

Bob Fabian

Courses, Talks & Walks

[Fall 2017]  F21: Sustaining the Social Fabric of Downtown Toronto

[Spring 2017] walk: The Transformation of Yonge Street

[Winter 2017] course: The Imagination of Glenn Gould

[Fall 2016] course: Exploring Beethoven

[Summer 2016] Walk: Historic Yonge & Church

[Spring 2016] Computer Club: How Good Is Virtual?

[Spring 2016] Computer Club: What Makes a Website

[Winter 2016] W26: The String Quartet

[Fall 2015] Computer Club: Linux MINT, a friendly introduction

[Fall 2015] Walk: North Downtown Yonge Street

[Fall 2015] F26: Shostakovich & Other Russian Composers

[Spring 2015] S18: Bach and his Musical Contemporaries

[Spring 2015] Computer Club: Discussion Board

[Spring 2015] Computer Club: Android Answers

[Winter 2015] W11: A Great Yonge Street

[Fall 2014] F14: Bach and his Successors

[Summer 2014] Walk: North Downtown Yonge Street

[Spring 2014] S29: 3rd Age Opportunity

[Spring 2014] S43: Building a Web Presence

[Winter 2014] W18: High Tech Impact

[Winter 2014] W54: Not Just Microsoft Word

[Fall 2013] F33: Our Search for Meaning

[Fall 2013] F74 & F81: Not Just Microsoft Office


This site has been established with the knowledge of The LIFE Institute, but it is not an official LIFE Institute website. (The LIFE Institute is located at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. It offers courses to its members all of whom must be at least 50 years of age. Membership and course fees are modest.) Suggestions, comments, and questions are welcomed.

Bob Fabian



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