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High Tech - Week 1

Reference Materials

There is a one-page hand-out for the first class: Week One Hand-Out

The presentation slide are also available as a two-slides per page pdf file: Week One Slides

Reference Materials

Moore's Law - The Wikipedia Article is a good place to start, and it points to additional material if you would like to dig deeper. Wikipedia on Moore's Law

McKinsey on Disruptive Technologies - The consulting giant provides online access to both an Executive Summary and the Full Report. It's a reasonable projection, albeit limited in not considering abrupt, possible cataclysmic, change.

Kranzberg's Laws - The best full presentation of these "laws" is Kranzberg's Presidsential Address to the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT), delivered in 1986. 

There is no dearth of relevant material on the impact of high tech. When we figure out the areas to examine in weeks 2 and 3, I'll post reference.

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