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The LIFE Institute had a Computer Club, but it was mostly an informal discussion group for Windows users. Ten years ago there was active interest in that topic. It’s less of a concern today, but technology continues to bedevil seniors (and others). LIFE will be offering occasional “Tech for Seniors” sessions. Initially, the sessions will be offered at no charge, but registration will be required – rooms have limited seating. Depending on interest and available presenters, regular monthly sessions may be offered, with registration required each term.

Bob Fabian ( will be coordinating the sessions. The material he presents will be available on his LIFE courses website (

Initial Tech for Seniors session:


Technology provides connections that were never possible before. That can be of real benefit for everyone, seniors included. But that very connectedness exposes us to attacks on our security and our privacy. This session, which is open to all LIFE members, will review the major exposures that we face with our computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, smart homes, smart ... Short of disconnecting from the world, our challenge is find a balanced approach that provides appropriate protection for our security and privacy. We’ll provide checklists, we’ll watch selected short security videos and we’ll have time to discuss individual security and privacy concerns. Sign-up today, there are only a limited number of seats in the room.

Bob Fabian will be one of the session presenters. Bob was the first Chair of Computer Science at York and one of the authors of a major cybersecurity report prepared for the Government of Canada in 2004. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Information Processing Society and a Life Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


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