Bob Fabian's LIFE Courses

High Tech Impact

[Class notes (as pdf files) are appended']

The electronics revolution has changed what we do, when we do it, and how we do it. It continues to march onward. These four sessions will paint a broad picture of high tech and its impact. Session One: Forces driving high tech; Session Two: Revolutionary devices, now and in the future; Session Three: The impact of the Internet; Session Four: What's going to happen next. The last, fourth, session will have a panel of technology experts presenting their views on likely futures.

End Note: This should have been a slam-dunk for me. I met my first computer back in 1956 and have been involved with computing and technology ever since. I've presented a wide range of university and professional course on computing and technology. But I didn't pay enough attention to what would really interest LIFE members. Still, it's part of my record at LIFE.

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