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3rd Age Opportunity

S29: Tapestry of Values
Thursday, May 29, 12 – 2 PM
VIC 106

DRAFT: Presentation Slides (pdf file)

High Level Argument

More and more of us are in the “Third Age”:

  • That period in life when we are relatively free of constraints. Neither money nor family impose major limitations. And we're still reasonably fit.


  • We have the freedom to contribute to the well-being of communities we value.


  • This would be good for society – we need to temper the power of the market.
  • This would be good for our communities – their maintenance requires energy.
  • This would be good for 3rd Age members – it aligns with who and what we are.

Unpacking the Argument

At a high level, this stands as almost by itself. But the argument can be unpacked. Here are some of the background questions.

Who belongs in the Third Age?

  • How is membership determined?
  • How large is the Third Age?

What's the significance of the Third Age?

  • Is the label important?
  • How important is it socially?

Of what does well-being consist?

  • What's personal well-being?
  • What's social well-being?

Why should we focus on community well-being?

  • Why are real communities important?
  • How to balance rights and responsibilities?

Possible Third Age contributions:

  • Well-being of a family, neighbourhood, club, congregation, city, profession, nation, etc, etc

Why does this make personal sense?

  • We're really social beings.
  • We are our social context.
  • … and it responds to our existential angst.

NOTE: This is very much a work in progress. I'm exploring a range of background issues and concerns. The actual presentation will be a computer slide show, and that is posted at the top of this page. After the presentation, requested reference materials will be posted for those who want to explore this topic in greater depth.

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