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Yonge Street Walk

LIFE Institute

North Downtown Yonge Street Walk

Friday, September 5, 2014, 10:00 - 12:00 am

7 (END) Town Hall Square – A new urban park, soon to be surrounded by yet more new tall condos.

6 Walk Thru Clock – Pause to view the progress of what will be Canada's second tallest condo at Yonge & Bloor.

5 St. Nicholas – An almost 19th century lane of brick row houses (with a new condo tower at the north end).

4 James Canning Gardens – The last of three linear parks, … on top of the route of the Yonge Street subway.

3 11 Wellesley West – The site of what will be a new 2 acre urban park, and the developer gets a “deluxe” location.

2 Alexander Parkette – A small green space that's soon to be towered over by the condo coming at 501 Yonge.

1 (START) College Park Reflecting Pool – We'll start next to what is Canada's tallest condo, and next to what was Eatons' College Park store.


Note: There is a draft script for the walk. What actually gets discussed will depent, very much, on the interests and concerns of the walk participants. Don't expect the draft script to be followed, but consult it if you want the "facts" and opinions that informed the walk design.

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