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The Imagination of Glenn Gould

The course started with Glenn Gould's recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations, ... and he died shortly after his second recording of the same piece (at age 50). The course will sample his performances, will examine how he was different from other pianists, and will selectively view videos by and about Glenn Gould. To the greatest extent possible, all video material used will also be available on YouTube. Participants are encourage to review what will be coming next week, and return to music of interest that we only had time to sample. The presentation slides will all be posted here, at least a few hours before each class.

Session Six Slides (pdf file)

Session Five Slides (pdf file)

Session Four Slides (pdf file)

Session Three Slides (pdf file)

Session Two Slides (pdf file)

Session One Slides (pdf file)

[Wikipedia on Glenn Gould (pdf file)]

Official Course Description:

Glenn Gould, Canadian pianist, blazed new paths in imagining, presenting, and performing classical music. Even when you disagreed with him, you could recognize the thought behind his vision. His impact was significant and lasting.

In this class we'll sample from the rich video legacy he left, drawing heavily from YouTube. We'll talk about what his musical analyses mean and if they make sense. We'll also selectively compare some of his performances to more traditional ways of presenting the music. He helped us see music more deeply. The goal of this course is to delve into what that means in a way that class participants will find both entertaining and engaging.

Dates:           Feb. 9 – Mar. 16 (6 sessions)
Time:            Thursdays, 2:10 p.m. – 3:55 p.m.
Location:     Textile Museum, 55 Centre Avenue (Near St. Patrick Subway Station)

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