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Session Five

This session begins with current news: Sidewalk Labs (corporate sibling to Google) has been selected to do an initial study ($50 m) on our eastern shoreline. Their 200 page proposal is impressive. They plan to do it right, blending the best of technology with the best of urban design. It's too early to predict the outcome, but the proposal is impressive, and is a $50 million bet on our waterfront.

It goes well beyond what TOcore, the 25 year plan for Downtown Toronto, is attempting to do. We'll spend a bit of time on TOcore. It's good urban planning, but doesn't directly address questions about social fabric or about retail. That is somewhat unfortunate. Social fabric provides an over-arching view of what it will be like to be in downtown. And retail is a vital component a successful, animated, engaging streets.

Our second hour will feature Mark Garner, the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director or the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area. This DYBIA has launched a number of successful neighbourhood building exercises. It does good work and is a leader among all Canadian BIAs. Mark will share his views on what we should be doing to make sure our downtown streets (and lanes) have vibrant, successful retail.

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