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Session Four

NEWS: This week we're in the Courtyard Room

The focus is on developers and their role in the development of Downtown Toronto. It's a high stakes, high risk game. Not everyone sees the same opportunities, nor is everyone equal in being able to take advantage of opportunities. Examining what happened and is happening on both side of Yonge at Bloor illustrates some of the forces at work. Different developers are clearly approaching the opportunity in different ways.

Given all of the forces at work, and all of the development that's happening, the city needs a way to channel that energy into positive city building. Jennifer Keesmaat, our former Chief Planner, has a vision of Toronto that she shared with a planning conference in London (in 2016). That vision was one of the inspirations behind TOcore, the Downtown Toronto Area Plan that is being developed. TOcore isn't finished (and isn't perfect). We begin to examine it this week.

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