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Session Six

This will be the final session of the course. We've touched on a wide variety of topics in the first five sessions. We've seen some of the many forces at work shaping our future downtown. Should we be optimistic or pessimistic about our urban future? We'll begin with three views of what's coming. First, a military view of the chaos that's coming. Then, a technology view of the wonderful things that are coming. Finally, an activists view of how the strength of local voices is growing.

All offered in the form of a preface. We can work to make things better. We can make a positive difference in our emerging urban social fabric. To shed light on what we can and what we should be doing, the course concludes with a panel discussion. The panel consists of a City of Toronto planner, a senior member of a downtown Councilors' office and two locally active downtown residents. The plan is to give everyone a chance to air their views.

Session Six Slides (pdf file)

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May 6 – June 10 (6 sessions) Time: Wednesdays, 10:10 a.m. – 11:55 a.m. Location