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Session Three

This week the focus is on the development process. It's anywhere from 2 to 5 years between assembling the land and actually starting to build. It's a lengthy and somewhat convoluted process. More seriously, each proposal gets considered in isolation. There is an Official Plan and there may be an Area Plan. There are planning framework and planning guidelines. But much of what gets decided is one proposal at a time.

We'll discuss the overall process. I'll walk you through the process followed with the development just about at grade outside my window. That took some six years! But a 1.5 acre park did emerge across the street. And hanging over it all is the Ontario Municipal Board. The OMB is ill suited to making urban plans, but it often does just that. Changes have been proposed. We'll talk about the current problems with the OMB and the proposed reform.

Presentation Slides - Session Three (pdf file)

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