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Sustaining the Social Fabric of Downtown Toronto

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The traditional neighbourhood social fabric is much less present in the vertical towers springing up across downtown Toronto. What will it be like to live, work, study, shop, or play in that future? Will there be places that are important for people? What, if anything, should we do to strengthen our future downtown social fabric? What has made downtown places successful? How will people find welcoming communities and meaningful places? A master plan is being developed for our downtown – TOcore. What should we be telling the planners and the developers? This course will sample material about places, place making, and social fabric. It will invite planners, developers, and business people to tell us what they are doing and what we can do. We’ll ask some important questions, and discuss and debate possible answers.

Bob Fabian. moderator, began his career as an academic (in mathematics and Computer Science), but moved on to consulting and management. In his 3rd Age, his wide ranging interests led to him to present courses in philosophy, music and urban planning. This course will combine a bit of philosophy with urban planning, grounded in downtown Toronto.

Dates: 6 sessions, September 26 - October 31
Time: Tues, 10:10 to 11:55 AM
Location: Ramada Inn


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Today (Oct. 3) in the 24 Hours news paper on Page 9.  Article by Sue Ann Levy on the bicycle lanes on Bloor West.  businesss are suffering and it seems the survey is biased.  Interesting read.


Here's a pdf for the page from 24 Hours that describes the problems merchants are having with the bike lanes on Bloor.

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